BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 Wifi Configuration

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In this article we will talk about BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 Wifi Configuration. This is in continuation to the previous article where we have learnt about how to configure the BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 modem with BSNL broadband service. Please follow the instructions below as per the picture shown:

Step 1: Turn on your BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 modem and then open your internet explorer (or any other internet browser), and type the modem’s default admin access webpage in the address bar as shown below. Then press enter which will open the following page:

Login Screen - BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 Modem

Login Screen – BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 Modem

Step 2: Type ‘admin’ as the user name and enter your admin password for this modem, and press Enter which will open the below screen:

Welcome Screen After Logging in BSNL Nokia 1600 Modem

Welcome Screen After Logging in BSNL Nokia 1600 Modem

Step 3: Now click on ‘Wireless’ on the top which will take you to the following page and show you some options on the left hand side of the screen:

bsnl nokia siemens wifi settings

bsnl nokia siemens wifi settings

Step 4: Now, from the menu options shown on the left hand side of the screen, click on ‘Basic’ after which you will see the following screen. Here just check the option which says ‘Enable Wireless’ and click on ‘Save/Apply’. You may also give a name to your wireless access point by entering any name in the ‘SSID’ field on this page. Select ‘India’ from the Country field. Then click on ‘Save/Apply’. With this step, you will complete the wifi configuration in this modem. If you want to secure your wireless connection so that unwanted people do not use or misuse your internet connection, then proceed to the next step.

Screen showing how to enable Wifi in BSNL Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600

Screen showing how to enable Wifi in BSNL Nokia Siemens Residential Router 1600

Step 5: From the options shown on the left hand side menu, click on ‘Security’ which will lead you to the following screen. It will show a field as SSID (it will display the name of your wireless connection that you have chosen on the last screen and its ‘default’ in case you have not changed it. Select ‘WPA2-PSK’ as Network Authentication, leave WPA Group Rekey Interval as 0, select WPA Encryption as ‘TKIP’, leave WEP Encryption as disabled. Now, the most important field – the password or the WPA Pre-Shared Key. In the WPA Pre-Shared Key, enter a very strong password (you will need to enter this password while using a Wifi enabled device for internet on this modem). A strong password will contain a combination of uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. For example, I have entered the password as Mywifi@2013. After entering all the above information, click on ‘Save/Apply’.

bsnl nokia siemens wireless router configuration

bsnl nokia siemens wireless router configuration

Now, just restart the modem to enjoy the features that you have just enabled. If it happens sometime, that you forget your wifi password then just come to the above screen and click on ‘Click here to display’ which will pop up a small window showing your wifi password just like as shown on the below screen:

bsnl nokia siemens 1600 wifi configuration

bsnl nokia siemens 1600 wifi configuration

With all the above steps, we have successfully completed bsnl nokia siemens 1600 wifi configuration for your bsnl broadband modem for wifi use. If you have any problems while doing the above configuration, please let us know by leaving comments below.

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15 thoughts on “BSNL Nokia Siemens 1600 Wifi Configuration

  1. hi riz,
    i read and followed your instructions on configuration of the nokia siemens router for bsnl broadband.
    i could manage to connect the wi fi but no internet pages are downloaded.
    the connection icon displays— connected to (access) to “local” .
    please direct.
    –p dave

    • Hi, I think your computer may not be be able to get the ip assigned correctly. Go to the ‘run’ box and enter cmd and then press enter – it will open a MS-DOS windows, there type ipconfig and see what does it return as the IPV4 Address. Please reply with this information, then we will sort it further. Thanks.

  2. I have made my modem Wifi as u said. But it do no open all website. opens only google and gmail

    • Just got the solution…………change the MTU value to 1452 instead of 1492 default value in WAN setting.Go to WAN setting then ‘edit’ then ‘next’.Unless u change the value to 1452 u can’t open any secure website.

  3. I have an android phone but I can’t use the wifi from my pc even when i followed all the specifications listed here. My phone is connecting to the wifi but I can’t access the net through wifi. There isn’t any problem with my phone as I can use net through other wifi connections. Please do help.

  4. actually i already have a broadband connection. But previously, wireless wasn’t enabled. Also, my phone can’t recognize the wifi name of this modem. Once I cancel the wifi connection, I have to rename the wifi connection again.

    • Okay, is your broadband modem the same as shown in this article or is it a different model, and when did you last reset it? Resetting the modem to its factory condition solves the issues most of the times.

  5. Hi Riz,

    I am using the same router and hope you can solve my problem. The problem is that when I leave the network authentication open(no key required), it works fine but when I use security key with option WPA2-PSK, upon reboot the wifi access point becomes undetectable on mobile, laptop or any wifi using device. The only solution is to reboot the router and pray that it becomes detectable this time, otherwise reboot again. If its your luck, it is detectable and connects on the first attempt, if its not, you may have to reboot 10-15 times. However works very fine when you leave it open. Please suggest if there is any solution.


    • Hi Garry, Please try resetting the modem to factory condition and then configuring it again with the help of the above setup tutorial. I have also emailed you regarding this issue, please revert with the required information. Thanks !